Latex resistance band, tension band, rehabilitation training fitness elastic band, yoga hip ring

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【Product Specifications】:

Light pink: 600*50*0.35 mm Pull force value 5~10lb

Pink: 600*50*0.5 mm Tension value 10~15lb
Rose red: 600*50*0.7 mm tension value 15~20lb
Deep rose red: 600*50*0.9 mm tension value 20~30lb
Purple: 600*50*1.1 mm Rally value 30~40lb

[Cloth bag]: 18*11cm

[Box Gauge]: 46*43*21cm 100 sets/carton 15KG

[Package weight]: 135G

[Product Features]: The tension belt is made of 100% natural latex, which is durable, strong in resilience, and the shape is maintained for a long time without deformation

The product is suitable for anyone: the pull assist has 5 resistance levels. The resistance of the exercise belt can be adjusted by relaxation or relaxation, or it can be combined with multiple exercises to increase the challenge. The auxiliary strap is suitable for anyone, be it beginners, fitness enthusiasts, athletes