High Quality Car Black 13pin AUX IN Audio Cable CD changer to auxiliary MP3 Adapter lead fit For Kenwood

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Compatible with Kenwood radio models including: DDX5022, DDX6029, DDX7029,DPX501U, DPX502U, DPX701U.KDC-4021, KDC-4024, KDC-4027, KDC-4080R, KDC-4090R, KDC-4590R, KDC-5021, KDC-5024, KDC-5027, KDC-5080R,KDC-5090B, KDC-6021, KDC-6024, KDC-6070R, KDC-6080R, KDC-6090R, KDC-7021, KDC-7021SE, KDC-7024, KDC-7027, KDC-7070R, KDC-7080R, KDC-7090R,KDC-8021, KDC-8024, KDC-8070R, KDC-8080R
KDC-8090R, KDC-9090R, KDC-B7021, KDC-BT8041U, KDC-M4524, KDC-M6021G,KDC-M6024G, KDC-M7024, KDC-M9021, KDC-M907, KDC-MP6090R, KDC-MV6521, KDC-PS9070R, KDC-PS9080R, KDC-PS9590R, KDC-PS9521, KDC-PSW9524, KDC-PSW9527, KDC-PSW9531, KDC-V6090R, KDC-V6524, KDC-V7090R, KDC-V7521, KDC-W3537A/G, KDC-W3541A/G, KDC-W4037.
KDC-W4041A/G/W, KDC-W4527, KDC-W4531, KDC-W4534, KDC-W5031, KDC.W5041UA/UG, KDC-W5534U, KDC-W5541U, KDC-W6027, KDC-W6031, KDC.W6041U, KDC-W6527, KDC-W6531, KDC-W6534U, KDC-W6541U, KDC-W7027,KDC-W7031, KDC-W7041U, KDC-W7531, KDC-W7534U, KDC-W7541U, KDC-W8027, KDC-W808, KDC-W8531, KDC-W8534, KDC-W9027, KDC-WV6027.KDV-5234
KMD-6527, KMD-671R, KMD-673R, KMD-870R, KMD-PS970R, KMD-PS971R.KRC-23RG, KRC-25RG, KRC-278RG, KRC-279RG, KRC-294, KRC-33R, KRC-35R,KRC-378R, KRC-379R, KRC-391, KRC-394, KRC-478R, KRC-479R, KRC-578R, KRC-579B, KRC-579R, KRC-591, KRC-594, KRC-597, KRC-677R, KRC-678R, KRC-679R, KRC-691, KRC-694, KRC-777R, KRC-778R, KRC-779R, KRC-791, KRC-794,KRC-877R, KRC-878R, KRC-977R, KRC-PS1077R, KRC-PS978R, KRC-PS979R, KRC-V679R, KRC-V791, KRC-V879R.X838.Z638, Z828MP, Z838W, Z920DVD
Color: Black
Material: plastic and metal
allows you to connect an external audio source (such as MD-portable mp3 player, iPod, laptop, etc.) via the CD changer jack of all head units of Year 1999 and newer.
the externally connected audio source can be selected directly via the source - button on the car radios
perfectly well for a Car PC or laptop DVD player
It is a replacement of the CA-C1AX/CA-C2AX connector, which is not limited in function and quality .
he adapter allows an external audio source (eg DVD player, to join MD-players, laptops, Mp3 and Mp4 Player, etc.) to a Kenwood radio with changer socket and copiers on this. This allows you the perfect sound in your car .
In order to use this accessory, the headunit manual must indicate Aux. input option using a CA-C1AX adapter. Please check your user manual and make sure the compatibility before buying!
Notes: This is not a original cable from Kenwood. So, your car stereo will not recognize or detect the cable after plugging it. You will need to activate the correct source that is EXT IN on the for audio input from this adapter! (do not use AUX) You can do it from the menu. Then use the SRC button to select the source. If you are not sure how, please refer to the user manual.
Package contains:
1 x Aux In Cable
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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